People tend to make the silliest excuses as to why they can’t find time to relax even for just a day or two. Most of them reasoned out that they are plagued with work and deadlines, that they have many chores waiting for them at home, or whatever it is that they could think of.

Maybe you’re one of these people. If it is the case, you need to relax, seriously. You have to pause for a moment, leave your responsibilities behind, and think about yourself.

No plans yet on how to unwind? Try staycation.  I’m giving you 5 best reasons on why you should do it this weekend.

  1. Cheap

Because you’ll not be far away from home, you don’t need to spend on airplane tickets, terminal fees, and excess baggage fees. If you want to let loose but avoid breaking your bank account, then staycation is cool for you.

  1. Rejuvenates you

A staycation will give you some “me” time. This is your chance to forget about work, meetings, schedules, errands, or anything that you incessantly do every single day. Cut yourself some slack and you’ll reap the benefits of doing so afterwards. When you are rested, you’re in a good mood. Not only that, you’ll also be energized. And if you have a ball of energy within you, you’ll be more productive, driven, and focused at work and at home. Your boss and your family will absolutely love you for that. How cool does that sound?

  1. Supports the local tourism

Since you’ve never left home to start with, you can visit the local tourist attractions near you. Maybe, you can go to a park, eat in a restaurant, or hang out in a resort you have never been before. The cool thing about it is that you get to enjoy and promote the tourism within your community all at the same time.

  1. Little travel time

Because your destination is just near your home, you won’t waste so much time and effort in travelling to a different place.

  1. Can be finished on a weekend

No need for extra days off from work because it can be completed on a weekend.  Although a staycation is quick, you still feel recharged as if you’ve gone on a vacation in some other parts of the country.

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