Davao is known for its mouth-watering fruits, stunning tourist attractions, and exquisite beaches, which make it a perfect summer destination for 2016. People just can’t get enough of its hustle and bustle, including the warmth and hospitality of its people. Although Davao has already taken centre stage when it comes to tourism, it still maintains a tranquil and orderly atmosphere especially for its locals.

If you’re planning to visit anytime soon, book a guest house in Davao for the entire duration of your stay.  To get you in the loop, I’m giving you some tips on how to choose the right hotel.

Strategic Location

The site is a big factor in selecting a hotel because you want to stay somewhere near the famous establishments. You also want to be close to places where a lot of amusement and fun activities are going on.

With Herel Guest House, we’ve got you covered. There won’t be any problem as regards convenience to the landmarks in Davao  because Herel Guest House is just minutes away from SM Lanang Premier, Abreeza Mall, Victoria Plaza, Robinsons and Gaisano Mall. It’s also near many restaurants, which offer delectable Pinoy dishes. The most important of all, it’s the only guest house in Davao, which is 10 minutes away from the airport.


The recommendations of past clients are influential in convincing a person whether to book the hotel or not. Even though it is significant, you must take the reviews with a grain of salt because their experiences might be different from yours.

When it comes to Herel Guest House, we are proud to announce that we have served many satisfied clients and we will continue to do so for our future ones. Expect that our service just keeps on getting better and so you won’t be disappointed.

Quality Service

Who doesn’t want stellar service from the hotel, right? It’s another element in booking a hotel because you want to be taken care of well especially since you are far away from home. You want to enter a neatly organized room once you return after a long day. You want to sleep in clean sheets and get cozy in your bed everyday.

Herel Guest House can give you the above service with a touch of T.L.C. Once you step inside the hotel, the T.L.C service begins. Aside from that, the members of the staff would be there anytime you need them. They do all of these things because they want you to feel as if you’ve never left home in the first place.

Great For The Family 

Many of you travel with your family. You want a hotel that can accommodate not only you, but the entire bunch. You also want to be together without being cramped in one room.

With Herel Guest House, your entire family will feel just that. We have several spacious rooms that you can choose from. Just check out herelguesthouse.com and click the accommodations button.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about this guest house in Davao, you can call us at  +63 932 8719 063